City status for Blackpool

Blackpool’s MPs are calling for the resort to be awarded city status to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


The Government has launched a civic honours competition to honour the special occasion next year and Paul Maynard and Scott Benton agree there is nowhere better placed that Blackpool to be granted the title.


Paul said: “You only have to look at the criteria to see this is the perfect fit for Blackpool.


“They are talking about distinct identity, civic pride, interesting heritage, a record of innovation and a vibrant and welcoming community.


“Those are things Blackpool has in buckets and spades.”


Scott said: “Blackpool is Britain’s premier tourist resort and so much more.


“We have a thriving artistic community, world famous venues and landmarks and welcome millions of people every year.


“Blackpool has helped lead innovation in aerospace and in the automotive sector, Jaguar, one of the ultimate British brands was born here.


“Fun and entertainment is at the heart of what we do here, but there is so much more to this town.”


The MPs are now urging Blackpool Council to put together a bid.


Scott said: “This is something they will have our full support on. The number of awards will be based on the number and the strength of bids submitted.


“I see no reason Blackpool can’t succeed.”


Paul said: “We face enormous challenges but at the same time I know there is a real sense of pride in Blackpool, in our past and our future.


“After the difficult year so many have endured, what a boost it would be for everyone to be able to call Blackpool a city. It is absolutely deserved and, indeed, there are many who are surprised when I tell them Blackpool isn’t a city already.”


All local authorities across the United Kingdom who believe that their town or city deserves consideration for these honours are invited to apply. The city status competition will also be open to eligible applications from the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. The closing date is 8 December 2021. The granting of city status would be purely honorific and comes with no additional funding or powers.

City Status

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