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Dear Sirs,

As a Blackpool resident and interested party I wish to register my objection to the proposals for disposal and development of land at Stanley Park Golf Course involving Holmes Investment Properties (HIP) as published in public notices on February 27.

My objections are twofold, firstly that the redevelopment of the golf course is inappropriate and would result in the loss of green space and community amenity. Secondly, I have significant concerns over HIP as a suitable partner and the due diligence process Blackpool Council has undertaken.

I believe the disposal of the land is ill-judged as:

  • HIP has only recently been established and has no record of delivering a development on the scale of what is proposed at East Park Drive.
  • The company has no experience in design and build projects such has been proposed for Blackpool.
  • The Adrenaline World concept, which has been promoted as part of the HIP package, is at this stage merely a concept. There are no active sites and as such the authority must recognise there is a degree of risk attached.
  • Public scrutiny of HIP’s accounts suggest that, presently, the company does not have the £40m funding required to deliver the Blackpool site for David Lloyd.
  • Should the venture fall through at any stage, HIP has no experience in running and maintaining golfing facilities, placing doubt over the agreement reached that the course should remain open as normal during the pre-construction phase.
  • A reduction to nine holes would significantly impact the viability of the Stanley Park Golf Club as a business.
  • Failure of HIP to deliver the development may reduce in the land falling out of use.
  • An alternative, locally led proposal is available, based on the retention of public amenity and open space.

I hope you will consider my objections and alternative options to retain an 18 hole golf course on the Stanley Park site.

Yours faithfully,





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