Get involved

There are lots of ways you could contribute a bit of your time and make a considerable difference:-

Join the campaign team

The campaign team manages and delivers the campaign plan and there are many different and varied jobs to undertake.  If you would like to get fully involved we would be delighted to see you.  Don’t worry, full training and support is offered – and it is really quite good fun!

Door-to-door canvassing

Canvassing sessions take place every week, usually a Tuesday and Thursday evening and a Saturday morning.  We go out as a team knocking on doors and just chat to people asking them for their thoughts on what’s happening locally and how people think the country is doing.

Telephone canvassing

This can take place at the campaign centre or at home using the Party’s Connect2015 system.  A full script is provided to help you make the calls.  It is important that we speak to as many people as possible, so we know what people are thinking and feeling locally.

Delivering Leaflets

It’s great when people volunteer to help deliver leaflets so I can let people know what am doing for them locally and in Westminster. If you can deliver leaflets you will only be asked to do a route in an area close to where you live which at most will take about an hour a time.  The leaflets will be dropped off at your home with a map.

Social Events

We hold many social events, so for fun, so with visiting ministers and so to help fundraise.  Recent events include a quiz night, a curry night, a summer supper, an afternoon tea, our regular brunch club, coffee mornings, dinners and a drinks reception.  We use different venues around the constituency and every taste and budget catered for.  Look at our events page for a full listing.

Campaign Days

Throughout the year I host action campaign days, usually on a Saturday afternoon.  These days see the campaign team come together to either deliver a leaflet in an area, knock on doors or handing out literature on a street stall.  They are always good fun and always end with a coffee or a pint.


Telling is what we do on polling day, some people know it as taking numbers. This is where a Conservative volunteer stands outside a polling station politely asking people for their polling numbers.  This helps us concentrate effort on those who have not yet voted and can make all the difference to the result of an election.


No campaign would be complete without an envelope or two to stuff.  Working from the campaign centre or home we ask volunteers to put letters and inserts into an envelope.

Poster site

Nothing shows support for a candidate in a local area than having a good display of posters up.  If you would like a window poster or a garden stake at your home showing your support for me, please get in touch.

If you’re interested in helping Paul in any of these areas, or any that haven’t been mentioned please contact the office on 01253 473071 email