Paul Maynard MP backs Andrew Snowden to be next Police and Crime Commissioner

Blackpool North and Cleveleys MP Paul Maynard has welcomed the selection of Andrew Snowden as the Conservative candidate to be Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner


A highly-regarded Lancashire County Councillor, Andrew Snowden, has been selected as the Conservative’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Lancashire, with a promise to focus on grassroots community policing if elected in 2020.


Andrew, who led on the County Council’s recent £1million investment in restoring bus services, was selected at a meeting of party members in Garstang on Sunday night.


Mr Maynard said: “The Conservative Party has selected a strong candidate to challenge Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner, whose decisions over the last seven years have resulted in the closure of vital services, such as Bispham’s front counter.


“The Government is increasing funding available to our local police and it is vital we have a commissioner who understands how to spend wisely and invest in front line services.”


Andrew said: “If elected my first priority will be to ensure we invest every penny we can in front line policing, through ensuring the budget is well-managed with maximum efficiency”.


“I would also prioritise tackling the underlying causes of crime through better partnerships with organisations and communities, investment in improving rural policing, getting tougher on anti-social behaviour and hate crime and focus on preventing the spread of knife and gang-related crime.


“These are all issues which have come up having spoken to colleagues across Lancashire.


“As a Conservative I am determined this will change, because I am a strong believer in making public services more efficient and effective; basically working with the resources available and getting on with the job rather than trying to constantly shirk responsibility”.


“That would be how I approach being our Police and Crime Commissioner; common sense, hard work, taking responsibility and making things happen.”